Monday, December 12, 2011

Look What Arrived Last Week...

 This arrived last Dec. 8, Thursday...

My first-ever purchase from AVA.

It's a pair of Vivienne Westwood x Melissa Ballerina II flats in black.

Here's a close-up view of the shoe design - embossed and cutouts of the Vivienne Westwood logo.

So, what is AVA?

AVA is the Philippines' first invitation-only online shopping community.

We offer fashion's finest pieces for fashion's finest women at discounted members-only prices of up to seventy percent off.

AVA gives members direct access to the most sought-after apparel, bags, accessories, and footwear from local and foreign brands. Our team of style curators and tastemakers, all of whom are well-versed in fashion, handpick a diverse selection of keepers, winners, and forever pieces. 

- From the AVA website

AVA is very similar to My Habit, which is a US based sale site. I super love My Habit! They have new sale events every single day and have a wonderful variety of merchandise (oh, my first-ever My Habit purchase arrived late last month! I'll post it soon!). So I was pretty thrilled when I received an invite to join AVA.

I purchased the shoes last Dec. 2 and arrived after four business days (six days including the weekend) so they were delivered within the time frame they promised which is three to six days after the date of purchase.

The shoes were discounted at 50% off so that's a pretty good deal. I did, however, got a size bigger so I contacted them thru email and asked to have them exchanged to a smaller size. I was delighted when I received a reply within minutes and they arranged for pick-up the following day, Friday, at no extra cost. I am still waiting for the replacement to arrive so let's see how long that will take. I'll be sure to update this post once I receive them.

Okay, so two days after this post, I received an email from AVA informing me that they ran out of the color and size for replacement. I was very upset and replied, saying that they should have reserved the replacement pair for me when they said they could do the replacement and have the pair I needed in stock. I didn’t get a reply from them. The following day, while I was out of the house, I did receive a confirmation that a package was on its way but when I read through the message, the shoe size was still the same. When I got home, I saw the package waiting for me in our room and when I opened it, I was surprised that the shoes were in the size I wanted! So I was very happy! I am glad AVA was able to do something about my order and deliver – that’s good customer service. They did send something extra, which they totally didn’t have to but it was nice and was well appreciated. :)

It's great that AVA accepts returns, except for heavily discounted items at 60%-90% off. So if you change your mind, you can return your item and receive a full credit in your AVA account (but not a credit refund to your credit card which is still okay). For the shoes I purchased, it was clearly stated that the item is not returnable but can be exchanged for another size if available.

I've been looking at the AVA site for a while already, checking out their sales. Although they have a fair amount of good deals, they also have items (usually the luxury brands) with just a minimal discount like 10% off. I just wish they could offer them at a bigger discount.

Anyway, the sale on the Melissas is still ongoing. The flats are available in other pretty colors too! There are other Vivienne Westwood x Melissa shoes on sale. Check them out here.

Happy shopping! :)


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