Sunday, November 13, 2011

Shop @ The Fort Bazaar Finds

Until this year, I haven't been to a bazaar in a long time - probably around three years or so. I totally understand why people exert effort and visit bazaars. There are so much cool stuff to find at good prices.

I went to the Karl Edward International's Shop @ The Fort bazaar with the hubby yesterday to claim a pair of Sole Sister shoes which I scored for 50% off thru Deal Dozen. Since I picked it up, I didn't have to pay for shipping which would've cost me Php100.00 nor the bazaar's entrance fee since they gave free entrance to BDO cardholders! Yey!!! :)

Anyhoo, here's my new pair of shoes:
Sole Sister Sandra in Pink - Php499.00 from Php945.00 thru Deal Grocer
And here are our other finds:

Men's Faux Leather Hoodie Jacket in Tan - Php1,500.00
Jacket's Perforated Detail

Handmade colorful friendship bracelets at Php50.00 each.

For our upcoming HK trip this December, I bought winter accessories for my toddler:
Hat - Php150.00 & Gloves - Php100.00
 And here's my little pot-pot trying on her stuff:
There were stalls selling chiffon blouses (I love them!), loads of winter clothes (like coats) and designer clothes from Marc Jacobs, Mui Mui, Louis Vuitton, etc. Then there were the usual overruns for kids and they're pretty affordable! I also saw a stall selling NYX makeup and their Soft Matte Lip Cream was just Php280.00! It could probably be lower if I had asked! :)

There was this stall that sold school-themed notepads (ex.: "from the desk of Miss [school name]" with a cute drawing of a student in the particular school's uniform), cute notebooks and whatnot. I was going to come back to buy one for my daughter and go through the clothes in different stalls but it was crazy hot in the venue - it was a super hot day! My husband found a stall selling biking gear. He wanted gloves but the last pair of the design he liked was reserved for another customer. The owner said he will have more stocks the following week so we will come back for that.

I forgot my Christmas list again as we came from somewhere and I wasn't planning to go until after having lunch at home. And I can't wait for the next weekend!


On our way to our car, we passed by Gourdo's and got these cute Santa envelopes for just Php80.00 each! They're so cute - they're made of felt with embroidered designs and kids can place their letter to Santa inside and these can be hung on your tree. I just have to figure out how I will put my kids' names on the "from:" section... I'll try to bring them to an embroidery shop. There's one in Market Market's Department Store.

Santa Felt Envelopes - Php80.00
Back / Flap Part with Velcro
Gourdo has a lot of beautiful Christmas decors with great prices! I love Christmas! It really is the most wonderful time of the year!

Are you done with your Christmas shopping? My goodness, we haven't even decorated our house yet! :(



  1. Hi again Christine!
    I really like Sole siter's shoes:) so cute!
    this is second time I saw Sandra collection on blog.(first in Camille Co's blog) and I fell in love them at first sight...and now I think I might order them from its website but I 'm wondering about their comfort. Is it comfortable when you wear them? and How are their durability.
    And I 'm not sure about their materials...I extremly hope it is genuine leather.

  2. Hi Ratta! Honestly, I haven't taken my new shoes out for a spin, sorry. But they feel pretty comfortable when I tried them on. And I love that they have half sizes when most don't - easier to get a perfect fitting pair. With regards to the material, I'm pretty sure that they're not made of real leather otherwise they would cost a whole lot more. These would cost about THB690.00 when converted. :)