Saturday, November 12, 2011

Shiny Disco Skirt

I was with my cousin yesterday, who is a crazy shopaholic. We've been hanging out a lot lately, which loosely translates to: "I've been spending a lot lately" and after our Quiapo and 168 trip last Wednesday, we decided to hang out again yesterday. We had lunch, went to the salon and went shopping. I was supposed to shop for Christmas presents but I forgot my list. Of course, I didn't go home empty handed. Hihihi. :)

After a quick roundabout in a couple of stores in Greenbelt 5, we headed to Forever 21. My cousin mentioned that she hasn't visited in a long time. And I found the cutest sequined mini skirt. Now, I need a perfect pair of bad-ass sexy heels. Help me and lead me to the right direction please? :)

Spangle Mini Skirt - Php1,025.00
Do you like chiffon blouses? I am currently obsessed with them! I also got this black loose semi-chiffon top which is actually perfect to dress down my new shiny mini.
Trapeze Chiffon Top - Php1,175.00

I've been wanting to get this long knitted vest since last week but I wasn't sure if I should. I gave in. But I'm still quite unsure how to wear it aside from pairing it with jeans and a basic top. Any suggestions?
Pattered Duster Cardigan - Php1,275.00

I had a mini funny/dumb/panic moment when I mistakenly gave my own skirt when I asked for the second batch of clothes I wanted to try on (since they only allow 6 items at a time). It must be my highlights working... Hahaha. I was like, what the hell will I do if they've already put my skirt on display? But I immediately thought, I'm in a huge clothing store so there's no need to worry! Hahaha. Luckily, it was still there inside the fitting area. *toink*

Forever 21 is such an evil place. It's seldom that I step out of that store without spending. It's just impossible not to find something and realize you "need" it. Yet, I always pop in the store almost every week when I do my grocery in SM. Maybe I should go to Landmark instead? They say it's cheaper there anyway...

Do you always/often find yourself buying something - even just a little item - before leaving the mall? It must be a disorder and it must have a name. Please don't say it's hoarding. I swear, it's not.


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