Thursday, April 11, 2013

Wreck It Ralph Party

March went by like a blur. There was this one week where I had to rush and prepare my youngest's party at school, then made some tedious-to-create invites in just one day for my eldest's party and to top them all off, it was also exams week and my husband and I had to help our daughter review. Whew! That was stressful and I'm so glad everything's all done now. My two daughters' birthdays are just two days apart and we had a total of FIVE celebrations this year. FIVE. Versus last year's three-day celebration. I seriously have to reassess what we'll do next year. 

Anyway, I just want to share what I did for my little girl's party at school. Since her actual special day fell during summer vacation, we threw a small party two weeks early. I worked around her current favorite movie, Wreck It Ralph. She absolutely loves it. She watches it everyday. And she likes Vanellope Von Schweetz, the little girl from the Sugar Rush game who gets bullied and who's ultimate dream is to race. Unfortunately, there aren't any Wreck It Ralph party supplies available locally so I had to make some.

I didn't tell her about the party and her teachers and classmates gamely helped us to surprise her. 

Here's the cake I designed and ordered from Red Ribbon. We actually just got lucky to find a bake shop that makes picture cakes in such short notice. My husband & I first went to Shoppersville in Katipunan where I ordered my eldest's picture cake six years ago (her birthday theme then was High School Musical), only to find out they no longer offer it. We checked out Kink Cakes but their price was waaaaay over what I was willing to spend so we decided to try Red Ribbon just in case they have it and they did! I think they only have one design for a picture cake. I was absolutely not allowed to change the decor on the sides around the cake and good thing it tied in with my design. Pretty limiting, right? And I'm not sure if they have this in blue (for boys).

I also bought plastic containers so the kids can bring home a slice of cake. Of course I had to personalize it so I made these sticker labels.

And for giveaways, I found a Fix It Felix Jr. arcade paper craft template and thought the kids would love it! Download the template here.

So I had to hand-cut (big thanks to the hubby for helping), score and assemble a bunch for the kids and teachers.

And I added a small packet of chocolates inside the arcade machine. Giveaways will not be complete without some sweets, right?

Since the arcade machine was completely glued on top, I used washi tape to secure the chocolate from under.

And to add a touch of personalization, I made another set of labels with my daughter's name and party date.

We ordered food from McDonald's and most of the kids didn't finish their food had to bring them home because they were pretty busy singing and laughing.

And what's a party without balloons? These were from National Bookstore. Inflating courtesy of my husband (he used a pump, in case you're wondering).

And here's my daughter enjoying her Wreck It Ralph party! Happy birthday again, baby cakes! :)

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