Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Necklaces & Ladders (not snakes)

I had this sudden urge to clean and organize our room this morning when I woke up. Seriously, it was the only thing that was on my mind the moment I opened my eyes and I was really excited about it which is totally rare, I tell you.

I cleaned up my vanity table and threw out the products I don't really use. Then arranged my shoe shelf and removed the clutter around the space. And I finally gave my necklaces a chic new home.

I think the ladder is upside down. Haha. Probably because it was originally used for our towels and the topmost row was just too narrow for me. I thought it was absolutely the perfect accessories holder when I saw one being used as one here. And I love how I can see each and every item better now than when I had them piled on wall hooks.

You know what I love when spring cleaning? Finding long lost treasures! I found this bug necklace from H&M that I've had for months now but haven't worn yet! Can't wait to take the little creature for a ride! :)

How do you organize your baubles?

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