Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Time to Fix My Watch!!!

Bought a ToyWatch in Hong Kong in 2008 and I absolutely love it! It's over-sized, lightweight and super cute! What I don't like about it is since it's bracelet strap is acrylic, the links break easily. Since my wrists are small, I had the bracelet shortened. I used the extra links to replace the broken ones... Until I ran out of links.

I was not able to use my watch for months. I went to Rustan's and ask where I could have my watch fixed. My sister had the same problem.

So we were told to go to Iconique Inc.'s office in San Juan. A Manong (sorry, I forgot his name) assisted us and he was super nice. That's him, inside the room.

We asked if there were other straps available for our watches. He showed us a couple but this was the only strap that looked ok with our watches. The material is nylon and looked like a really thick grosgrain ribbon and looked durable.

The nylon replacement strap looked better on my watch (mine's the one on the left). My sister wanted to get the nylon strap so she wouldn't have to worry about links cracking and breaking but it just didn't look nice on her watch. I was
forcing her
suggesting that we switch watches (because I like her watch better) but she didn't want to. She said it has sentimental value to her since it was the first watch she bought with her salary. Whatever.

Anyhoo, we both settled with the acrylic bracelet and paid Php1,650.00 each. And I just find it odd that the nylon strap costs the same. I checked their US website and the acrylic bracelet costs $25 or Php1,084.00 and the nylon strap is just $20 or Php867.00. But if you add international shipping and the waiting time, I guess the prices are not so bad after all...

Here are our fixed watches:

ToyWatch Sport Chrono Collection
White & Black on Stainless

ToyWatch Mother of Pearl Chrono Collection in Pink

I don't wear my watch that often now. I don't want to have to cough up Php1,650.00 for another bracelet. But if that happens again, I'll probably get the nylon strap the next time. And then maybe my sister would have a change of heart! Sounds like a plan!!!

Anyway, ToyWatch has a collaboration collection with Missoni. It's not really my cup of tea but tell me watchutink! :)

Iconique Inc.
Room 201 Quadstar Bldg., Ortigas Ave., San Juan, Metro Manila

(02) 7230000

Mon. - Fri., 9am to 6pm

Tip: Better go after 3pm as it is a bit hard to look for parking because there are banks at the ground floor

Photos edited using Diptic iPad app - sooooo cool!


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