Friday, March 18, 2011

Jeremy Scott x Swatch = LOVE

I bought a new watch, a Swatch at that. I haven't worn a Swatch in a loooooooong time and I was amazed at their designs when I visited their store! I saw the Jeremy Scott collection in a blog post and thought it was too cute to pass off. So this is what I got:

Jeremy Scott Swatch Opulence - Php3,500.00


Frame Detail 
 Buckle Detail


It was a surprise to find out that the frame can be removed! The frame isn't as decadent in photos when I saw it personally. I honestly wasn't that super crazy about the frame. I mean, I like it but it's also a novelty piece. Having the option of removing the frame made me decide to go get the watch. It's like having two watches for the price of one! And I think it's much nicer without the frame. I can wear this for years!!!

 The Frame When Removed

 Back Part of the Frame


Be extra careful though when removing the frame since it scratches the sides of the watch. Look at my watch... I haven't even used it yet! :(

With the Frame

 Without the Frame

This is a great everyday watch with an option to dress it up with the frame! They should have designed the clasps of the frame better though so it won't scratch on to the sides of the watch. But for its price, I'd say it's a great find! Which way do you like best, with the frame or without it?

Other Jeremy Scott designs available:

Left to Right: Lighting Flash & Winged Swatch (with detachable wings)
Php3,500.00 each
(photo taken from the Swatch website)

Other Swatch watches in my list. If only I could justify buying more than what my wrist can handle...

Left to Right: The Lady Collection in Wide View (Php2,500.00) & 
Full-Blooded in Caramel (Php7,000.00)
More colors available for both 
(photo taken from the Swatch website)

Are you a Swatch fan?



  1. I like the Zebra strap with neon face!

  2. That is cute too! Hard to decide which neon color to get though!