Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Daily Finds: Pretty Accessories

I just love SM!!! Saw this necklace from a shoot I did last week and I was going to buy it from the stylist but I forgot to get it. Buying from pullouts are the best, I tell you! Items are carefully chosen and they're fashionista-approved! Plus, you save yourself a trip to the mall especially if it's someplace you rarely go to. So since I was already in SM last Tuesday, doing my grocery, I went looking for MY necklace. I am on a strict shopping diet but this is just too pretty AND CHEAP to pass up. *and it was the last piece on display!!!*

What Women Want (WWW) Necklace - Php349.75


Then I also found this gorgeous set of bangles! My fave is the shiny black one with the gold encrusted detail.

Bling Bling Accessories - Php349.75

The bangles are a great deal - 7 pcs for only Php349.75! That's about 50 bucks each! :)

I guess what they say is true... It's all at SM!!!


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