Sunday, July 1, 2012

Welcome Back

I was gone for a looooong time. We actually moved houses so that was really, really stressful and chaotic. A lot of things has happened (and is happening) and I couldn't seem to get myself back on my blogging track. But I have always thought about my blog - the things I want to do with it, topics and features, etc.

During my hiatus, I did change the look of my blog. I made it simpler which is what I always wanted. And I also added categories when I finally figured out how to do so. I also added social networking links on my blog. Then I found a free monthly blog calendar so I can organize my thoughts and schedule. Let's see how effective that will be. :)

I was planning to return to the blogosphere last week but I did a lot of makeup work (yaaaay!) and just decided to start today. And since it is July 1st, I am reposting Fat Mum Slim's Photo a Day July list challenge. I'm sure you've heard of the challenge. Or if you haven't, click here and learn about it. I joined last month but was unable to do the last few challenges (nay!) but it's such a great way to be creative and connect with friends who are also doing the challenge. Fun, fun, fun!

So welcome back to me. I am very excited for my coming posts. :) I hope you check back regularly!