Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Yesterday was quite productive for me. I finally did the things I've been meaning to work on the past weeks. And for quite some time already, I've been obsessing about chevron prints. I just absolutely love how simple and beautiful the design is.

I made myself a notebook for my blog. It's primarily for a segment/feature I'm doing soon. I'm really excited for that. I just wish I had started sooner as I had missed on some opportunities, unfortunately. :( Anyway, I also made bag tags for my kids. I originally wanted something "kiddie" for them but decided to go chevron as well, but in their favorite colors.

kraft on black chevron stripes
my blogger name, minus the extra s-es (they won't fit anymore!)
one of the pages in my notebook
pink chevron bag tag

purple chevron bag tag

I love that everything is themed. I think I will make personalized chevron notecards next! I love this print so much! I swear, I can stare at it forever! I dream of chevron walls or curtains. Aaaaah, so pretty!


  1. Hi, I love your blog. I was wondering where you had your note blog ring bind? I have some photos to ring bind and cant find a place where I cant bind it. Thanks

    1. Hi! Thank you for reading my blog! :) I have a personal binding machine - the Zutter Bind-It-All which I purchased from Lasting Impression (www.lastingimpressionph.com). Try National Bookstore in Greenbelt 1, I believe they offer binding services. Or UP Shopping Center inside the UP Diliman grounds. :)