Saturday, February 4, 2012

First Haircut

I took my babycakes to a kiddie salon to get her first haircut last Wednesday. She's almost three years old. Finally.

This is her ride.

Fixated on watching Cars on TV.

Her peg.

She said she wants her Pinypon's pink hair. I set the small doll on the table near the TV so her hairsylist (naks!) can see it for reference. Thank goodness she didn't ask for pink-colored hair.

Ta-daaaaaaaah! Her new 'do.

Okaaaay, slightly fail ang peg. Her hair is shorter than what I asked for. But it suits her so that's fine. She looks like Dora. :)

My Dora with the big blue bear in Bonifacio High Street.

Since this was her first haircut ever, I took a bunch of her freshly cut hair as remembrance but they don't look anywhere near a baby's hair. And when we got home, her ate (big sister) was kind of bummed that we didn't bring her with us (she was still in school when we left). She said she also wants the same haircut. She's turning nine. I hope she's not serious. She's too old to have Dora hair. :)

Anyway, have a happy weekend, guys! :)


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