Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Makeup Furniture

Meet my new baby, my makeup chair.

It's very sturdy and heavy-duty.

 It even has a foldable side table with a cup holder. Hooray for extra space for my stuff!

There's also an attachment of extra pockets and they are roomy! I tell you, these extras are great!

And there is a netting at the bottom of the chair to hold other stuff and whatnot.

I bought this from Amazon.com and I had it shipped from the US. I spent more on shipping fees than the chair which is understandable since the chair is huge and was classified as an odd-shaped package. The chair was just USD72.00 or Php3,123.25. Shipping within the US (from the seller to my courier, Manila Forwarder) was USD30.25 or Php1,312.20 and shipping from the US to Manila was USD63.48 or Php2,740.70. All in all, I spent USD165.73 or Php7,176.15 for this chair. Not bad at all.

I could actually get a makeup chair locally for Php5,000 or even less but not of the same quality. I've heard horrible stories about those chairs breaking down while being used by a client and how they are not durable at all. I figured, since I will be spending that much on a chair, adding a little more makes perfect sense since I'm getting a better one. And I kept reminding myself that this is for my own well-being (specifically for my back as I had a slip-disc scare earlier). I did have to wait for a month for the chair to arrive as it was a freight shipment, but no biggie.

I just have to figure out how I will bring this with me when I am already carrying a big malette with mirror and lights, another malette with just my eyeshadows and an overflowing overnight bag with all my prepping stuff, brushes and other makeup that couldn't fit in my other 2 malettes.

I need a trolley. Or an assistant. Or a driver. o_O


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