Thursday, April 14, 2011

Let's Eat Healthy!!!

It has been a meatless day in our household! Woohoo! :) I never thought that was possible especially since my husband is allergic to seafood. *BOO!*

Earlier this week I have been obsessing about healthy recipes and was able to make a somewhat healthy menu for the week. I saw a ton of recipes online but a lot of the ingredients are hard to find here. I needed to find recipes locally and I remembered coming across Jenni Epperson's blog where she shares some of her healthy recipes.

This is what we had for lunch:

Century Tuna Corn Sliders

What it is:
A mini whole wheat pandesal burger with tuna & mushroom patties on a bed of lettuce topped with garlic mayo and Enoki mushrooms. Jenni's recipe originally called for alfalfa sprouts but lettuce is another option. I also couldn't find Aioli mayonnaise nor garlic mayonnaise so I bought light mayonnaise instead and just added garlic powder. I was too excited to eat and forgot all about the tomatoes.

The verdict?
It was really, really good! Of course I couldn't take credit for our successful meal this afternoon, I do not know how to cook. Kudos to my yaya for a great job following the recipe! Special mention to me for being resourceful (and doing the grocery)! Hahaha.

The husband loved it and said it was pretty filling. My eldest liked it too without complaints which is good because she often gets agitated when I let her try something new (and always says the new dish  is spicy even if it is not). Our two-year-old however just had rice, as usual. She has mastered using the word "NO!" and there's only a handful of food that she eats. But overall, it was a huge success! Even our little chickie friends loved it! LOL

To view the complete recipe, click HERE.

My husband had to go to Home Depot before heading home. So for my afternoon merienda, I had an itty-bitty small bowl of mami which had two slithers of chicharon and I had them removed!!! The mami was just horrible and didn't have any taste. So I also had corn on a cob and it was the yummiest sweetest corn I've ever had! :)

For dinner, we had Penne with Portobello Mushrooms (sorry, forgot to take photos). We've been having this dish for quite some time already and I got it from Home Cooking Rocks blog of Connie Veneracion. We just LOVE this dish!!! And to make it healthier, I bought whole wheat penne pasta and soy-based all purpose cream. Everyone liked it, even the little one! :) To see the recipe, click HERE.

I love it that we are starting to learn to eat healthy! I hope I lose some weight from this... And to cap it all off, I am going to have a late healthy snack -- yogurt!!! Naks.

Let's eat healthy!!! Do you have healthy recipes to share? :)


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