Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bangkok Haul - Part 1

I went on a long-overdue shopping trip to Bangkok with the husband last September 2010 (I've been meaning to write about for months now) and did a pretty major makeup haul! Shopping for clothes in Bangkok wasn't as thrilling as it has been for the past couple of years. I mostly saw poorly made clothes from Korea and it seemed like everything is more expensive now. But I was still able to score great bargains, nevertheless! Ako pa?! Hahaha. Oh, and the food is just amaaaaaaazing!!! :)

Anyhoo, back to makeup, here are the stuff I got in Bangkok:

There's this cute makeup store all over Bangkok called Beauty Buffet by Cosmeda and they have a complete array of cosmetics, tools and skin care products. You'll find Gino McCray, Anne & Florio Bakery, Scentio & Lansley brands in this kitschy store. On past Bangkok trips, I got a couple of eyeshadows and I just love how pigmented they are! So I got a few more and some other stuff too...

Left to Right: Gino McCray Color Philosophy Eyeshadow in Sweet Peach and Sweet Potato - THB215.00 or Php312.00 each

Gino McCray Color Philosophy Duo Eyeshadow in No. 10 - THB210.00 or Php305.00

I've been searching for an intense yellow gold eyeshadow for some time already and I was so happy I found this!

Gino McCray Mirage Hi-Light in Soft Sand - THB199.00 or Php289.00

I love using this as a finishing highlighter especially on the undereye area!

Gino McCray Color Philosophy Lipstick in No. 15 - THB175.00 or Php254.00

It's not like I don't have this shade of lipstick... I just couldn't resist!!! :)

Gino McCray The Artist Brush Bath - THB295.00 or Php428.00

I love this stuff! It cleans my brushes really well! In fact, it cleans better than MAC's Brush Cleanser. The scent can be a little overpowering at first but it just really leaves your brushes smelling super clean. And my clients said that my brushes smell so good!

(*shhhhhh* I asked my sister to get me another bottle when she went to Bangkok a month after I did! *guilty hoarder*)

Scentio Milk Plus Gel Scrub - Skin Refining & Whitening Scrub - THB195.00 or Php283.00

Oh, the sales associate was just so excited with this product and practically begged me to try it. And I was amazed. Will show you why in another entry...

I also checked out Boots for some Bangkok-exclusive finds and it turned out the Maybelline eyeshadows I purchased were also newly available here in Manila when I got back. Nyek. And I think it came out more expensive than here. Double nyek!

Maybelline Hyper Diamonds in BR-2 - THB449.00 or Php652.00

Maybelline Hyper Diamonds in BR-1 - THB449.00 or Php652.00

* Foreign exchange rates are as of press time

In the Platinum Fashion Mall at the Pratunam area in Bangkok, there are a couple of stores that sell makeup brushes. One of the stores, Magique, sell makeup cases as well. I remember seeing that store during my previous trip and I wasn't able to look around since the store was super packed! I was glad it wasn't as crowded during our visit. My apologies, though, as I can't remember the prices anymore but they're not expensive at all! And the store owner gave me discount too!

I got this small makeup case with 2 compartments. This bag is a perfect retouch kit...

small makeup bag

main compartment: 2 detachable zippered pouches (velcro) with clear windows and
a clear sleeve on the flap

2nd compartment: brush holder with clear protective cover and
another brush/tool holder that is garterized on the flap

I also got this brush holder which has 6 slots on each of its 4 sides. It also has a clear protective sheet to cover the brushes and protect them from dust. I use this to hold my eye makeup brushes.

Lastly, I got a blending brush and a foundation brush that is similar (but smaller) to MAC's 188 Small Duo Fibre Face Brush. I find myself using this a lot lately! I love them!

m009 blending brush & m020 duo fibre brush

More of my other makeup loot from my Bangkok trip on my next post! Check in again soon!!! :)



  1. Hi Christine! nice to know you:)

    My name is Ratta, I 'm Thai and very glad to see your review about Thai brand's cosmetics. It 's so amazing to see products of my country in foreigner's blog ;)

    "Cosmeda" has a new shop and brand now, it named "Beauty Cottage" located at "Central Ladprao" (only one shop). its products are similar to other brands of "Beauty Buffet" but more lovely with the vintage-style package. If you have chance to visit Thailand again, I hope you will like this new brand ;)

  2. Hi Ratta! Thank you so much for your comment. I usually visit Thailand every year but haven't done so this year. I really miss your lovely country! Thanks for the info about the new makeup store. I'll make sure to visit it when I go hopefully early 2012! :)

  3. Hi Christine!

    Finally a blog that answers my question :) am leaving Manila to Bangkok on Friday and was looking
    online as which makeup brands to haul in Bangkok. I'm a makeup artist and wanting to try new brands aside from MAC,NARS etc..

    I know this blog is written 2011 but I still hope to find these brands.

    Thank You :)

    1. Hi Sarah! Thank you for reading my blog! :) I hope you find a lot of great stuff - so exciting! I haven't been to Bangkok since but we are planning to go this year! *crossing my fingers* Please do share what you got when you get back. Enjoy your trip!

  4. Hi! May I know how much the brushes cost? And if you bought everything at the same store in platinum? A makeup artist recommended brushes that may be bought at platinum that are very cheap but I forgot the name of the store which is why I kept looking for blogs that might mention one.