Sunday, April 14, 2013

Mommy, I'm Scared...

My eldest recently celebrated her birthday and she asked if we could watch The Croods so we did. It was hilarious! We loved it! My youngest, who just turned 4yo, refused to come with us though. Such a shame because I'm very sure she would have loved it. The movie had a lot of silly moments and that's her thing.

The first movie she ever watched in a movie theater was Hotel Transylvania. The second she sat on her chair, she was quiet and rigid. She had no reaction towards the trailers that were showing when she would usually let out a hearty laugh when watching something funny. When the lights dimmed, she panicked and cried a bit and we had to comfort her and gave her milk and she fell asleep. Just when the movie was about to end, she woke up and cried a little more.

"I don't like big TV, Mommy. Only small TV." That's what she said. She was three years old then. Before we even stepped in the movie house, we did try to explain what to expect but of course toddlers would never imagine to see something so vast and dark with vibrating loud sounds and a huge screen. I could just imagine how overwhelmed a child would feel. Which brings me to this question: when will kids be ready for the big screen? Is there an appropriate age or like some sort of rule out there?

When I asked my little girl if she would like to join us to watch The Croods in the movie house, she said, "I can't, Mommy. I'm scared. I'll just wait for you at home." :(

I really hope she'll be able to watch Monster's University and Despicable Me 2 with us.

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