Saturday, December 3, 2011

Time To Get Naked... AGAIN!!!!

Have you heard?

Urban Decay has another Naked palette -- The NAKED2.

The palette comes with 12 neutral eyeshadow colors with five NEW shades - YAY! There are three shadows in matte and the rest have a shimmery/metallic finish. It also comes with double-ended eye brush and a travel-sized lipgloss.
Hop on to to view swatches. Just be prepared to drooooooool. :)

Price: USD50.00 or Php2,160.00. Of course, this is not available here in the Philippines (Boo!). It is currently out of stock at Urban Decay's website (but more arriving soon) and it's going to be available at Sephora and other stores soon.

My thoughts: This is another must-have just like the original Naked palette. You can't go wrong with the color choices available in this palette. But since I already have the original palette plus another big palette filled with more than two dozen MAC neutral eyeshadows and a bunch of single neutral shadows, I'm not sure if I really need this I don't really need this. (Wow, I'm really kicking the makeup shopping addiction! *patting myself at the back* hahaha!) Sure, I would really love to have it but not if I have to shell out for colors that I probably already have. Hmmmm, but maybe I can get this for myself (not for my kit)... Hahaha! I'm having mixed feelings! Anyway, we'll see... It's not like I can get my hands on it in a snap. I would have to exert serious effort to track one down...

How about you guys, what do you think of the Naked2 palette?


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