Tuesday, December 13, 2011

DIY: Kiddie Christmas Giveaways

Here's what I made for my 2-year-old's playschool classmates...

Homemade Star Shaped Crayons

I got the idea here. I have tried melting a tub of my daughter's broken crayons before and it was pretty cool! During my first try, I mixed random colors together and got a muddy color which was just ugly. So for this project, I limited the combination to just two colors -  complimenting or contrasting. And I got a bunch of pretty stars!!!

Red and yellow

My favorite - baby pink and sea green

During my first attempt, I used a silicone baking tray which I got from Japan Home for just Php88.00. I wanted to use a Christmas-y baking tray but I couldn't find a small one. I actually wasn't able to check if Japan Home or Saizen have Christmas baking trays. I was pressuring myself to start the project right away. I remembered that we had some ice cube trays from Ikea and that we have the star shaped one. I assumed that they're also silicone in material but I was wrong. The tray melted. :(

I used the tray twice. I broke two stars while I popped out the first batch. And I broke almost all the stars from the second batch. I was planning to take the tray for a third spin but I was worried that the tray might catch fire if I do. I just hope I made enough.

Anyway, aren't they cute? Next time I will make sure that I use a real baking tray. :)


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