Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Multiply Shopping: Crafty Loot

One of my current obsessions are washi tapes. The different designs are so darn pretty that they make it VERY hard to get just a few. Hooray for Multiply's Php250.00 off discount (Multiply should start paying me, seriously), I was able to afford a bunch and some. 

Locally, one roll of washi tape normally costs Php100.00 or USD2.47 and to maximize my savings, I placed 4 orders on Hobby Depot's site, just like what I did with my Digital Traincase beauty spree. So these washi tapes came out a little less than Php60.00 or USD1.48 each, including shipping. Not bad, right??? :)

So, here's a closer look at the designs of my washi tapes. I love them all! I actually wanted more, but told myself these are too much already so I stopped at 18 rolls. Tell me, which is your favorite design?

If you're wondering what the two packs of stickers are for, they're for my planners. :) Here are some photos to show you how I use them.

Photo collage from Hobby Depot

Cute, right? I used to do this back in grade school!!! Love it!

And if you're also wondering what the hell I am going to do with all those rolls of washi tape, here are some awesome ideas I found on Pinterest: 

3. Frames

*You may also check out this old post.*

So cool, right? :)

I know that some people will think that these are just plain silly and such a waste of money. But I love making things prettier and doing crafty projects. Why? Because...

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