Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Handmade Valentine Swap

Craft time!!! :)

So, I joined a Valentine card swap hosted by The Stationery Place and honestly, I couldn't remember that I signed up for it. I was quite surprised to receive an email about it and the details of my swap partners. Good thing I didn't trash the email or worse - mark it as spam! (Oh no!)

Regardless, I was so up for it. I've never joined a swap before, but always wanted to. So this was pretty exciting to me! Plus, it gave me the perfect excuse to bust out my crafting stash again and use some of the stuff I've had for a year or so but have never used.

The cards I made were very simple. I was given four swap partners and I made four different cards so I could play around more. I really, really hope they'll like them! Here they are:
Handmade Valentine Swap
Here are some photos I took during my crafting session:
Before I even started. And NO, it definitely didn't look as tidy as this when I finished! Hahaha!

I went to the post office early last week to mail the cards. Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever been to the post office to mail something before. Of course, I've sent a few letters from my younger years but I always had someone do it for me like through my dad's office. I have been to the post office several times but only to pick up packages.

Here's what the post office looks like in Quezon City. I had my camera in the wrong setting that's why this photo came out all yellow. This place is a whole different world compared to the one in Taguig City where I used to live. That place is really really tiny and unorganized plus they don't even have parking for cars.

I gave the postwoman my cards. She weighed them and told me to buy this much worth of stamps. 

With the magic of an old (and dirty, I'm sure) wet sponge that was readily available, I placed the stamps on the envelopes.

Then I was instructed to go to window 29 where the dropbox is. I don't know if it's just me but when you say dropbox, I expect something like the traditional tall silver steel dropbox that looks something like a garbage bin at fastfood chains with a chute that you open and place your mail in. 

Hmmmm... I guess this set-up works for them. But seriously, I was a little bummed. Hahaha. Bye-bye cards! I hope you get to your destinations on time! :)

Oh, here's my daughter running around the post office. I picked her up from school and went straight there. She enjoyed our little trip!

Oh, I can't wait to receive my Valentine cards! It really is very exciting! :)

How about you, have you ever joined a card swap before?

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