Friday, February 3, 2012

Nail Polish Review Part 1 - Sand

During a trip to 168 with my cousin last week, we scored some pretty awesome and cheap bottles of nail polish. Normally, we don't buy cheap nail polish (I've stopped doing so years ago because they're usually of poor quality which is really just a waste of money) but we couldn't resist. Here's what I got:

Left to right: Crystal sand nail polish, Matte nail polish and Magnetic nail polish
I've been finding myself complaining that there's nothing to buy in 168 nowadays. Usually, I leave that mall with loads of purchases but during my recent trips in the past year or two, I end up with stuff I don't really need. But these nail polishes are fab finds!

First up in this three-part review is the Crystal Sand Nail Polish in #19.

This is my favorite among the three. It's an orange-y peach color with very small particles of shiny sand. In person, it's not actually shiny or glossy. I think the base has a matte finish and it's the shiny sand that creates the shimmer. The texture of the nail polish is coarse which is like the surface of a nail file but with a softer-touch-feeling. So pretty! I love staring at them! :)

I didn't apply a base coat (I actually ran out, must get a bottle soon!) and as per the instructions of the sales lady, I didn't apply a top coat as well. So what I have on my nails is just the nail polish.

So, how about the staying power, you may ask? AMAZING. I'm on my fourth day wearing it and no chips at all!!! I even cleaned and shampooed my makeup brushes last night but still no damage. Which actually leaves me a bit nervous, should I actually be worried? Hahaha. I wonder what's in this nail polish... I'm hoping that I won't get super yellow stains on my nails when I take this polish off.

I'll continue the review next week when I change my nail polish. So there's the Matte dark purple and the Magnetic bronze-y one. The magnetic polish is super cool! I'll show you why next time! :)

The Crystal Sand and Matte nail polish are Php100.00 each and you get a free bottle when you buy two (I got my cousin's freebie, thank you M!). The magnetic polish with the magnet stick is Php150.00/set. You can get just the polish for Php100.00 and the stick for Php60.00. The brand is BK. I totally forgot to get the name of the store or the stall number, sorry. But it's on the second floor, a corner stall, on the side of the newer wing near some food stalls. When I get a chance to visit again, I'll make sure to get their info. :)


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