Saturday, January 7, 2012

2012 Nail Trends

I love prettifying my nails. Sadly, I haven't visited my trusted neighborhood nail spa and my nails have been bare for a month or so now. I did try to get an appointment before Christmas but they were fully booked and couldn't take me in and that was pretty devastating. I could just do it myself (I started painting my own nails when I was in grade six and even done french tips often) but it is just so hard to put polish using a non-dominant hand. Plus, a mani-pedi session should always be a chance for us girls to relax and feel pampered. :)

Since it is the new year, it is a great time to experiment and try new things. Bella Sugar's 2012 nail trend report is a perfect guide to a fabulous you in 2012. Let's see which looks we can pull off:

Personally, I love the matching lips and nails trend, especially if worn with a punchy color like the orange shown in the photo. I also love the timeless short & nude nails, very classic and elegant. I also like the bright nail colors which I have a few bottles of. For my least favorites, I don't think I would do mismatched nails - I would if I were still a teenager. And I don't think I would ever wear fake clear nails. I don't think I have to explain why. Hahaha.

How about you,

Which 2012 nail trend would you love to try?

I hope that the next time you have your nails done or buy a bottle of nail polish, you'll try one of the nail trends of 2012. It's the new year. It's time to have fun and be fun. :) 

Photos from Bella Sugar. To view the entire report, click here.


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